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Palm Reading Grove Oxfordshire: Are you fascinated to know about what lies in the future? Would you be happy knowing what fate has planned for you? Then maybe you should think about getting your palm read by a expert. Palm reading, chiromancy or palmistry is the age-old craft of foretelling future events, analyzing someone's character and recognizing past occurrences by studying the shapes, mounts and lines on the hand. Finding somebody who practices palm reading in Grove, Oxfordshire, might not be that simple as there aren't very many competent palm readers around, for you to consult, and you definitely should find yourself a talented palm reader if you want to get an accurate reading.

Palm Reading - An Outline: Palm reading in its assorted forms has been practiced for many centuries and been embraced by many civilizations and cultures, particularly in Babylonia, Israel, Egypt, Ancient Greece, China, Persia, India, Japan, Sumeria and Tibet. The people who practice this skill may be called palmists, hand analysts, palm readers, cheirologists or hand readers. In ancient Greece, Aristotle was regarded to be one of the first proclaim that a person's attributes and characteristics could be identified by specific features on the hands.

Palm Reading Grove Oxfordshire

The correct reading of palms depends on studying distinct facets of the hand particularly the shape of the hand (known as chirognomy or cheirognomy), the bumps of the hand (called chirosophy or cheirosophy) and the lines of the hand (known as chiromancy or cheiromancy).

Each hand of an individual conveys a separate story, there's the dominant hand (the hand used for writing), which is considered to represent the conscious mind, while the other, non-dominant hand represents the subconscious mind.

The majority of palm readers in Grove will begin their reading using the dominant hand, which is often believed to indicate hereditary and family characteristics and disclose particulars about prior life experiences. Together, the relative shapes and lengths of the fingers, the lengths and shapes of the lines on the palm and the size and shape of mounds and bumps on the palm are all evaluated, in addition to skin texture, the overall shape of the hand, fingernails and fingerprints.

Palm Reading - The Lines of the Hand - There are some significant lines on the hand that are claimed to signify distinct aspects of that person's life and future. Among the significant lines used for palm reading are: the heart line, the fate line, the head line, the health line and the life line, some others that you might hear named in a reading are the marraige line, the money line, the sun line and the travel lines. The life line indicates how a person has lived their life, their life force and physical vitality, plus it might show past or future illnesses. The heart line tells the reader about a person's emotional mindset, how they view love and how successful their personal relationships could be. The head line indicates a person's thought processes, creativeness, level of wisdom, self-discipline and memory. The fate line indicates a person's career and working life, whether they are likely to succeed in their career and their ability to keep hold of a job. The marriage line tells the tale of a person's married life, whether it's likely to be long and successful or short-lived and troubled.

Various chirologists who do palm reading in Grove may have their own method for this art, some may just read the dominant hand, some make full use of both palms. Some may be focusing on the lines of the palm (as described above), while others will be much more interested in the thickness and length of the fingers and the general hand shape and how this might indicate that person's future and character. Some palm readers will be able to tell a person events which have already transpired in their lifetime and just how this could affect their life in the future, whilst other palmists may concentrate on trying to predict future occurrences based on a client's character and traits as implied by the reading of their palms.

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Palm Reading - The Hand Shapes: There are five principal hand shapes that palm readers normally use to distinguish a client's character, traits and possible future. These hand shapes are known as the Air Hand, the Water Hand, the Fire Hand, the Earth Hand and the Combination Hand. Each one of these hand types indicates certain attributes which a person will probably have. People with an Air Hand are likely to be calculative, unforgiving, sociable and chatty. People with a Water Hand tend to be moody, introverted, emotional and creative. People having a Fire Hand tend to be extroverted, courageous, controlling and spontaneous. People having an Earth Hand will tend to be materialistic, headstrong, pragmatic and prone to acquire wealth. and People with a Combination Hand tend to be intuitive, practical and calm in a crisis.

The attributes of each of these hand types are: The Earth Hand has got a broad, square palm and fingers with thick, coarse skin, the Air Hand has got a rectangular or square shaped palm, with dry skin and fingers which are longer than the palm, the Fire Hand has stout, short fingers with a rectangular or square palm, the Water Hand has got tapering, slim fingers of roughly the same length as a long, oval shaped palm, while the Combination Hand (Water-Air, Air-Earth) will show a mix of those attributes.

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Finding someone who knows how to read palms in Grove, Oxfordshire, isn't the simplest thing you've ever tried. Just like many of skills like this, there are always charlatans and frauds around, who will happily take your money, but give you an inaccurate reading that has no true worth. So your very first challenge is to uncover an acknowledged and trusted palm reader in the Grove area.

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