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Palm Reading Oulton Cumbria: Are you fascinated to learn about what lies in the future? Would you like to know just what fate has in store for you? Then perhaps you should think about getting your palm read by a expert. Palm reading, chiromancy or palmistry is the age-old art of foretelling future events, analyzing a person's character and discovering past experiences by the reading of shapes, lines and bumps on the palm of their hand. Getting hold of somebody who practices palm reading in Oulton, Cumbria, may not be that simple since there are not too many seasoned palm readers around, who you can consult, and you definitely should find yourself a proper palm reader in order to get an accurate reading.

A Brief Look at Palm Reading: Palm reading in its countless forms has existed for many centuries and has appeared in many cultures and civilizations, notably in India, Ancient Greece, Israel, Japan, Sumeria, Persia, Egypt, China, Babylonia and Tibet. Those who practice this art can be called palm readers, palmists, chirologists, hand analysts or hand readers. In ancient Greece, Aristotle was among the first proclaim that the characteristics and attributes of a person could be recognised by specific features of the palms of the hands.

Palm Reading Oulton Cumbria

The accurate reading of palms depends on studying distinct parts of the hand especially the mounts or bumps of the hand (known as chirosophy or cheirosophy), the lines of the hand (called chiromancy or cheiromancy) and the shape of the hand (known as chirognomy or cheirognomy).

Each palm of an individual conveys a distinct story, there's the dominant hand (the hand you write with), which is thought to characterize the conscious mind, whilst the non-dominant hand represents the subconscious mind.

Nearly all palm readers in Oulton will start a reading using the dominant hand, which is commonly thought to reveal hereditary and family behavior and disclose details of prior life experiences. Together, the shape and size of bumps and mounds on the palm, the lengths and shapes of the fingers and the shapes and lengths of the lines on the palm of the hand are all taken into account, along with fingerprints, the overall shape of the hand, fingernails and the texture of the skin.

Palm Reading Lines - There are a few significant lines on the hand that are considered to represent various aspects of a person's life and future. Some of the major lines used for palm reading are: the health line, the heart line, the fate line, the head line and the life line, other lines which you could hear a mention of during a reading are the sun line, the travel lines, the money line and the marraige line. The life line signifies how a person has lived their life, their physical vitality and life energy, plus it can indicate future or past illnesses. The heart line conveys the story of a person's emotional frame of mind, their view of love and exactly how good their personal relationships could be. The head line tells the story of a person's self-discipline, memory, creative ability, thought processes and level of wisdom. The fate line conveys the story of a person's working life and career, if they'll be able to hold down a job and if they are likely to succeed in their career. The marriage line tells the tale of a person's marriage, whether it is likely to be short-lived and troubled or long and fruitful.

Various hand analysts who do palm reading in Oulton might have their own take on this process, some may just do a reading for the dominant hand, some work on both hands. Some may be focused on the lines of the hand, while some will be much more interested in the length and thickness of the fingers and the overall shape of the hand and how these may show a person's character and future. Certain palm readers will relate to a client incidents that have already taken place in their life and how this may have an effect on their future, while other palmists may concentrate on trying to foresee future occurrences based upon a person's character and traits as have been told by the reading of their palms.

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The Various Hand Shapes in Palm Reading: There are 5 common hand shapes that palm readers use to identify a person's personality, outlook on life and potential future. These hand shapes are named the Earth Hand, the Air Hand, the Fire Hand, the Water Hand and the Combination Hand. Each hand type reveals particular attributes which a person may well have. People with a Combination Hand tend to be intuitive, practical and calm in a crisis. People having an Air Hand will tend to be sociable, chatty, calculative and unforgiving. People having an Earth Hand will tend to be materialistic, headstrong, pragmatic and prone to acquire wealth. People having a Water Hand tend to be emotional, introverted, creative and moody. and People with a Fire Hand tend to be extroverted, controlling, courageous and spontaneous.

The attributes of each of these hand types are: The Earth Hand has got a square, broad palm and fingers with coarse, thick skin, the Fire Hand has a square or rectangular palm with short, stout fingers, the Air Hand has got fingers longer than the palm which is square or rectangular in shape, with dry skin, the Water Hand has a palm that is long and oval shaped, with slim, tapering fingers of about the same length as the palm, and the Combination Hand (Water-Air, Air-Earth) will have a mix of these features.

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Uncovering somebody who knows how to read palms in Oulton, Cumbria, won't be the easiest thing you've ever tried. Just like a lot of skills such as this, you will find frauds and charalatans around, who'll take your cash, but offer you an inaccurate reading that has no true worth. So your very first task is to identify a trusted and experienced palm reader in the Oulton area.

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